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Free Safety Summit in West Palm Beach

American Bangladesh Public Affairs Committee will be holding a Retail Safety Summit bringing in security experts from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office and local equipment and technology experts from SCT Tech.

Certificate of Training will be given out for attending for possible insurance discount.

When: March 8th, 2019
Where: PBSO Training Facility
Free dinner 6pm
Register today and get your free ticket. Deadline for Registration March 1st show a count down.

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Learn More @ Retail Safety Summit 2019

  • 10 Things You Can Do To Avoid A Robbery
  • Latest OSHA enforcement initiatives & trends affecting your organization in 2019
  • New Legal considerations & compliance tactics for drug and alcohol testing
  • Technologies to consider integrating into your safety program to drive productivity
  • Time and money-saving alternative protective measure to your lockout process
  • Workplace violence prevention policies you need to implement right now
  • Key incident investigation steps to help reduce risk & prevent accidents
  • Proven management and leadership strategies to promote safety engagement
  • Effective tools and metrics for tracking and improving safety performance

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